• Nicole Celso

Social Beauty?

This is my first post ... so many thoughts so little time .... what is social media beauty? Is it a false sense of being , keeping up with the "whoever is hot right now!" How much you edit your photo before it hits instagram, snapchat and all the others? When did everyone become so self absorb in themselves . I went to a makeup class months back that was geared to doing makeup for posting on social media! Really shouldn't we be looking at the everyday? We are flawed ... I see the lines forming on my face and no I DON"T like them and I may cringe on some days when i look in the mirror , those lines are a part of where i come from and the laughs i've had along the way and maybe the tears too. Those are times i wouldn't change for the world because they made me who I am today . I love makeup ! I love to create with it , sometimes thats hiding every flaw and making you the belle of the ball and sometimes..... well it's not so glamorous as some of my effects makeup has shown. But when it comes to social media for the everyday , not the editorial , not the wedding day or the night on the town ... who are you really ?

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